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Euro-trash Biker Chick

Euro-trash Biker Chick (2009)
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All dimensions in inches (H x W x D). Orange dot indicates sold or not available for purchase.
After the Fire Blonde Bomb Earth Mother
Golden Age to Golden Years Golden Age to Golden Years Last Game
Long Journey Marlboro Man Nile Princess
Oh, Sister Oil For Blood Pirated Away
Princess Rocket Man Rocket Man
Samurai Dream Taking Knocks Warrior Spear
What the Tornado Wrought More Sculptures Coming


Early sculptors in western culture were often hired (or enslaved) to create statuary to pay homage to the most honored citizens of their communities. Greek and Roman sculptors commonly (and less expensively) created stone statuary busts, often on top of short pillars, depicting very lifelike (and sometimes idealized) images of these citizens. Whether or not some so-honored citizens actually deserved this honor should be left to a matter of academic debate.

But, what if, say, more average people had been so sculpted? And, who would would the subjects be in other contexts? And, if they couldn't afford the cost of a stone sculptor, what material would they use?

I attempt to answer these questions with my Pilastri series. These sculptures are either Raku or wood kiln fired ceramics.

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