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I draw sculptural inspiration from the human figure and from master sculptors spanning Bernini (Fountain of the Four Rivers in Piazza Navona Rome is my favorite), Michelangelo, Rodin, Giacometti, Lipchitz, and Moore.

While many sculptors inspire me, I find my own contemporary voice from experimentation with clay, wood, stone, and metal to create unique takes on the human condition. I like my work to show elements of human emotion or invite the viewer into an empathetic experience of whimsy or joy or anger or fear or envy or some other emotion. I want you to get the feeling without being bombarded with a message.

In 2001 as a hobby, I started studying classical figurative sculpture with Valentine Okorokov and then Ileana Barbu at the Colorado Academy of Art. I left a successful career in the software industry to pursue my (re)discovered creative passion.

Studio Location
Scultura Studios
Gunpark Drive
Gunbarrel Neighborhood
Boulder, Colorado USA


Check back soon for show and other annoucements!

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Rocket Man Madam Carnival Carousel

I am the constant student, learning new materials, techniques, technologies, and I also credit many additional astounding artists (listed alphabetically by last name):

   Lorri Acott-Fowler, Ravinder Bhardwaj,
   Kathleen Caricof, Sam Hernandez,
   Victor Issa, David Klass,
   Paul Lucchesi, Taylor Nkomo,
   Collen Nyanhango, Scott Owens,
   Nancy Utterback, Peter VandenBerge,
   Josh Weiner, Madeline Weiner,
   Stan Welsh (and others)
for their generosity as teachers and mentors.

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