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More Sculptures Coming

Orbital Planes

What is our place in the universe?

I started asking that question at a very early age...4th or 5th grade. I read every Astronomy book I could find in my local library. I was fascinated by the vastness of physical space. It seemed lonely...and so awe-inspiring. This fascination led me to the sciences in college...I jumped around between physics, math, astronomy and earth sciences before settling on environmental sciences and geology.

These sculptures are built from layered wood invoking the characteristic of the universe to organize orbiting bodies into planes. Moons around planets, planets around suns, and suns around galaxies...many orbit in relatively confined areas defining a mathematical plane. The layers come together as parts of the human form in both the positive and negative (artistic) space.

But, in these sculptures, what orbits? Brains...the mind, hearts...the emotion, spheres...the physical. I use these objects to suggest an ethereal notion of our interconnectedness with the universe.

The brains and hearts are ceramics glazed with a variety of colors suggesting different states of intellect and emotion. The spheres of exotic stone invoke the different surface and atmospheric patterns of moons and planets representing the variety in the physical universe.

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The sculptures in my Orbital Planes series...
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